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AMSOIL Testimonials in Calgary

2001 BMW E39 M5 - AMSOIL European Oil 5W-30

2001 BMW M5 Blue Using AMSOILWe have a 2001 BMW E39 M5, since 2008 it has experienced a tick from the right side of the motor during cold starts. The problem is referred to on many forums with the S62 motor from the E39 as vanos noise, a very common problem that is reporded on several models of older BMWs. European 5W-40 was added to the vehicle along with a WIX filter. From the first startup the noise had faded away after 15 or 20 seconds and has yet to return. The highway fuel economy of the car also decreased from an already good 8.4 L/100km down to 7.3 L/100km. BMW dealers in Calgary also commented that it was normal for the car to burn 1 litre of oil every 1500km of moderate driving, running the dealer recommended Castrol Syntec oil, it burnt what they said it would. After monitoring oil consumption on the switch to AMSOIL, consumption has decreases to 1 litre ever 4000km. Not only did the AMSOIL motor oil fix the vanos noise issue, it also increased highway fuel economy by 10%, along with decreasing oil consumption.

2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder - AMSOIL European Oil 5W-40

2007 Gallardo Spider Blue Using AMSOILIn a 2007 Gallardo Spyder that had suffered some engine oil issues of its own, had reached the point of consuming 1 litre of oil every 2 tanks of gas, as well as puffing large blue clouds on startup. After addition of AMSOIL European 5W-40 using a stock Lamborghini oil filter, consumption has reduced to 1 litre per 1000km. 1 litre per 1000km seems high, but it is what Lamborghini claims to be normal according to the factory service manual. Fuel consumption for this car was never kept good record of before, thus giving us no way of knowing if fuel efficiency had increased.

2010 Ford F-150 - AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20

2010 F150 Red Using AMSOILIn a 2010 Ford F150 5.4l, AMSOIL Signature 0W-30 was added after 10 000kms due to a minor valve tick that had developed using Ford Motorcraft oil. The truck had always received it's window sticker for fuel economy, 12L/100km hwy and 16L/100km city. After addition of AMSOIL products in the engine and differentials, highway economy was reduced to 11L/100km and fluctuated between 14 and 15L/100km in the city, the slight tick from the top of the motor has since disappeared.


2007 Kawasaki KLR650 - AMSOIL PowerSports Oil 0W-40

2003 Kawasaki KLR650 Using AMSOILIn a 2003 Kawasaki KLR650, AMSOIL 0W-40 was used in the engine/transmission. The owner reported accidentally shifting from 1st gear into 3rd gear on their first drive since the oil change, because they didn't notice the bike's usualy "clunk" into 2nd gear, making them unsure if the bike even shifted. Startups of the bike improved, they also mentioned that the transmission feels like it is suspeneded in a soft brick of butter, causing them to relearn the feel of the clutch and gearbox all over again.

The above mentioned examples are our personal experiences with our use of AMSOIL products so far. Our love of cars and experience with this oil was what pushed us to help others achieve the same experiences with their vehicles. Contact us today, we will give you a recommendation on what AMSOIL product wil best suite your driving and vehicle needs, and we look forward to hearing about your experience 6 months from now...