KTM Auxiliary Light Integration Switch


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NOTE – Due to current circumstances certain parts required in production of this item are unavailable. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering and I’ll do my best to provide an updated timeline.

Integrate the factory high or low beam settings to trigger a pair of auxiliary lights.

Available for all 1X90 bikes with the halogen headlight system in either a Low Beam or High Beam trigger.
Available for newer LED 1290 Super Adventure R/S bikes in High Beam Only.

It is recommended to connect the device to the OEM ACC 10A fused wire located behind the headlight. This product does not require an additional fuse if wired in that fashion.
Will not affect the OEM headlight or trip any CAN bus errors.

Optional additional switch available to control the lights to turn on independent of the headlight trigger, OR disable the lights from turning on with the headlight trigger. The optional switch is not able to perform both functions.


9 Amp/100 Watt max current.

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