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To purchase AMSOIL products locally in Calgary and area please use the button below to send us an email with your request.

Please include the vehicle details in which you are looking for products for, we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

If you prefer to purchase online, please use the links below to access the AMSOIL corporate site, most products will ship within Canada in 2-3 business days.

A Few Other AMSOIL Options

Preferred Customer Program

The preferred customer program allows customers to purchase products roughly 25% less than retail. Generally, if someone is to use 2-3 cases per year, the preferred customer program is worth signing up.



Free vehicle maintenance and service tracking software.

  • Keep track of all vehicle maintenance
  • Delivers product recommendations
  • Tracks oil and filter changes
  • Emails maintenance reminders


Free AMSOIL Catalogue

Available for online viewing, or mailed hard copy.

Link below will take you to AMSOIL corporate site for the most up to date version.


Purchase AMSOIL Online

All the product links below will transition you to the AMSOIL corporate site for ordering, note the site currently only displays USD prices. If you would like a local quote for the product please use the link above to send an email.

Canadian prices are roughtly 30% higher than the listed USD prices on AMSOIL’s website.

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